About Skoreyko Renovations

According to NAIT, Dale Skoreyko is an Interior Systems Mechanic, Lather ISM.

According to everyone else, Dale is the guy that gets it done. For over a decade, Dale and his team have been providing realiable residential and commercial renovation and new construction services in Edmonton. The Skoreyko team consists of experienced carpenters, installers and construction specialists who are considered amongst the most proficient trades available in the Edmonton-area.

"I stand behind our services, and take pride in customer satisfaction. Many of our competitors could claim a similar cliche statement- but to me it's not a slogan, it's a promise, it's my word that's as strong as oak - and if that's not enough we'll guarantee every aspect of our work in writing.

I put my name behind our company, and do whatever it takes to satisfy customers and earn their referrals. To me, there's no better way to do business these days.

- Dale Skoreyko, owner/operator

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Our Process

Each project begins with a consultation, free of charge. We'll evaluate your project and adhere to your needs and long-term goals. When our initial consultation is complete, we'll have everything we need in order to provide our clients with a thorough breakdown of costs and details associated with their project.

We understand the importance of providing options to our customers as to accommodate different tastes, timelines and budgets. With our knowledge of products and resources available for each residential and commercial project, we'll have plenty of low-to-high end options for you to explore, including green building alternatives.

Upon project sign-off, we'll commence work almost immediately and keep you informed of the construction processes each step of the way, seeking approval and sign-off where required at each critical step. The result is always a project delivered on time and equally as important, on budget.

We've learned that some of the best service our customers can ever receive comes not before the project starts, but after the project is completed. We service and support each our projects after the construction or renovation process, meaning if something ever requires a touch-up or a redo we're there to help, no questions asked.